Google Pixel 6 factory reset might zap your phone

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Update (July 3, 1:23 am ET): Google has found a fix for Pixel 6 phones getting bricked after a factory reset.

What you need to know

  • Pixel 6 users are experiencing serious issues with factory resets that brick their phones.
  • The error message "Cannot load Android system" appears after a reset, suggesting corrupted data and prompting another reset, which doesn't solve the problem.
  • Google is aware of the problem and is investigating, but a fix is not yet available.

Google Pixel 6 users are dealing with a new software hiccup that's causing some serious headaches. During a factory reset, some phones are hitting a critical error, turning them into fancy paperweights.

Some Pixel 6 owners have reported on Google support forums that their phones became bricked after a factory reset, as spotted by Tech-Issues Today. Google is aware of the problem and is looking into it, as per a comment on the forums.

In the forum thread, Pixel 6 users reported that after they tried to reset their devices, the phones failed to boot up properly and instead showed an error message: "Cannot load Android system. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory data reset and erase all user data stored on this device."

pixel 6 bricked after factory reset

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When users encounter the error message, they're given the option to "try again," but this attempt often proves futile. Additional factory reset attempts may bring up even more alarming messages, such as missing a critical file named "tune2fs" or failing to "enable ext4 verify," both essential for the phone's file system integrity.

The reference to "tune2fs" hints at deeper issues within the system tools managing the phone's storage.

It looks like this isn't just a one-time glitch. Many Reddit users are also reporting their Pixel 6 phones getting bricked after factory resets. Even Google’s recovery tools aren’t able to fix the problem.

We have reached out to Google for a statement and will update this article when we receive a response.

Even though Google is aware of the issue, a fix is still in the works. So, Pixel 6 series users should be extra cautious. It's best to avoid any factory resets on your Pixel 6, 6 Pro, or 6a until Google rolls out a solution.

Unfortunately, this problem isn't new. Pixel users have long dealt with software issues that undermine the positive experience these devices aim to provide. Until Google tackles these persistent bugs, frustration is likely to persist among some Pixel users.


Google advises Pixel 6 users to keep their phones powered on and idle for 15 minutes after rebooting from a software update. This step should prevent any issues when performing a factory reset. Alternatively, users can reset their phones before installing any software updates.

If you've already reset your Pixel 6 and it's bricked, you'll need to wait for a fix. Google has identified the root cause and is working on a solution.

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