Galaxy S24 Ultra may launch with more zoom for its telephoto lens

The back of the green Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • Rumors suggest Samsung may upgrade its 3x optical zoom telephoto lens to 5x strength.
  • This would mean the S24 Ultra would be the first device to drop this pairing of a 3x and 10x telephoto lens since the Note 20 Ultra.
  • Previous rumors go against this, suggesting Samsung may drop the 3x telephoto lens of the S24 Ultra in favor of a continuous zoom lens.

The new year is over six months away but that's not stopping any hype around the Galaxy S24 Ultra's possible lens upgrade. The latest rumors stem from the German publication Galaxy Club which states the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra's telephoto lens may deliver a 5x optical zoom. Taking the leak at face value only, if the Galaxy S24 Ultra does provide a 5x optical zoom telephoto lens, this would be the first device to do so since the Note 20 Ultra.

This year's launch of the Galaxy S23 Ultra saw the premium device featuring a 10MP, 3x optical zoom lens alongside another 10MP telephoto lens reaching 10x zoom. The Galaxy S22 Ultra had more of the same, coming with the same pairing of 3x and 10x optical zoom telephoto lenses.

Curiously, it was previously rumored Samsung could be interested in dropping one of its cameras and going down to a triple array as a result. This would mean that instead of potentially increasing the optical zoom of its 3x telephoto lens, the Korean tech giant would feature a continuous zoom lens, instead. This could tie into previous leaks from late last year which suggested Samsung could upgrade its telephoto sensor. LG Innotek at CES 2023 debuted a sensor that could achieve continuous optical zoom anywhere from 4x to 9x.

It's still too early to tell if this is something Samsung has moved forward with or not. For now, at least it's something to keep in the back of our minds as we mull over what could be for the S24 series' telephoto lens.

Leaked information regarding the upcoming S24 series has been scarce but rumors suggest the device may gain a refreshing display upgrade. The new series may receive a 144Hz refresh rate display over its predecessor's 120HZ display. Consumers may be in for this year's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform, as well, packed into the Galaxy S24 series.

We've just made our way into June so, for now, we can take some of these telephoto rumors with a bit of caution. Samsung isn't expected to officially reveal the Galaxy S24 series until early 2024 given its recent behavior with its flagship phone launches.

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    I don't know enough about photography to know if a 5x and 10x is actually more versatile than a 3x and 10x.