Android 15 might include an easy mode for users who find tech tricky

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What you need to know

  • Google might be considering introducing an "easy pre-set mode" in Android 15 to make smartphones more accessible for non-tech-savvy users and those with vision issues.
  • The new mode will apparently adjust elements like icon size, text size, and navigation for enhanced user-friendliness.
  • The feature was spotted in the first beta of Android 14 QPR3, but it may not be publicly available until Android 15, potentially skipping the June release.

Google might introduce a new "easy pre-set mode" in Android 15 that makes smartphones user-friendly for non-techies or those with vision issues.

Mishaal Rahman, writing for Android Authority, uncovered some initial details about the new mode. The Android sleuth got a sneak peek at the setup page and found strings that reveal how it differs from the regular Android interface.

Spotted in the new Android 14 QPR3 beta, the accessible pre-set mode flaunts simplicity and convenience for those who aren't into fancy phone gestures or tricks. If you're after a straightforward way to get things done, this is definitely worth checking out.

Android phones have a heap of settings and features that can be a maze, but the new mode aims to simplify it all. It tweaks icons, text, and navigation, making them more extensive and more user-friendly.

Rahman's code sleuthing revealed that the accessible pre-set mode optimizes the Android UI for better readability and navigation. Think of larger icons and text, more contrast, boldness, and handy navigation buttons at the bottom of your screen.

Settings page for a new easy pre-set mode in the first beta release for Android 14 QPR3

(Image credit: Android Authority)

While Rahman managed to manually launch the settings interface for this new mode, he couldn't flick the switch to enable it just yet. When activated, though, this mode does something nifty: it swaps your current wallpaper with a pure black image.

While we caught a glimpse of this feature in the Android 14 QPR3 beta, it might not become public until Android 15, likely skipping the June release due to its early development stage.

It's not groundbreaking news since many third-party Android setups already offer something similar. However, the twist here is that with Android 15, this becomes the standard for all devices.

Phones have gotten fancier, and not everyone's keen on diving into all the bells and whistles. Plus, some folks might have challenges using all the cool features due to impairments. But the laid-back setting on Android 15 might be a game-changer for less tech-savvy people.

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