Does the Pixel 7a have wireless charging?

Google Pixel 7a
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Does the Pixel 7a have wireless charging?

Best answer: Yes! Not only does the Google Pixel 7a have wireless charging, but it also boasts an all-day battery that can last for more than 24 hours per charge. You can recharge the phone on a Pixel Stand, but it also works with any Qi-certified charging device. This means you can easily keep the phone going constantly using both wired and wireless charging. There are also some useful battery-saving features and an Adaptive Battery to further extend and conserve battery life.

What should you know about the Pixel 7a battery?

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The Google Pixel 7a, the newest device in the Pixel line-up, is an affordable smartphone that offers some of the same features you see in the Pixel 7, like Google Tensor G2 and Titan M2 security chip, along with worthwhile upgrades over the Pixel 6a, like a 90Hz refresh rate with the stunning 6.1-inch display as well as 8GB RAM versus 6 GB. 

Thanks to the Pixel’s Adaptive Battery, it can last for more than 24 hours per charge. It accomplishes this by learning your favorite apps and avoiding wasting power on ones you don’t use, or don’t use as often. 

There’s also an Extreme Battery Saver mode that can extend battery life to an impressive up to 72 hours. This will shut down functions that aren’t important, focusing on just the crucial ones until you can get to a charger. 

With that said, charging the Google Pixel 7a is super easy. Plug it into a power outlet using the included USB-C cable (or any other compatible USB-C cable) or plop it atop a Qi-certified wireless charger or charging surface. The phone will be back up and running and ready for the day again in no time.

 Given the amazing features of the phone, from the fabulous camera to the inclusion of three months of YouTube Premium, plus gaming, productivity features, and more, you can be confident that the Google Pixel 7a can keep up with your day-to-day needs. Will it rank among the best Android phones? Chances are while it might not rival the most premium models, it will become one of the best budget Android phones you can buy.

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  • lata chaudhary
    Yes, the Google Pixel 7a supports wireless charging up to 5W with any Qi-certified BPP charger.