Best Buy launches recycle-by-mail program to safely dispose of unused tech

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What you need to know

  • Best Buy launches its new recycle-by-mail technology boxes program.
  • Consumers can order a small box (9 X 5 X 3) for $22.99 and a large box (18 X 14 X 4) for $29.99.
  • Best Buy instructs consumers to fill the boxes up to their weight limit and take the prepaid boxes to a UPS drop-off or schedule a UPS pick-up.
  • This nationwide program is available now.

Best Buy is interested in strengthening its grip on e-waste by introducing a brand new way consumers can do so with ease. The company has officially launched its new recycle-by-mail technology boxes, a brand new program aimed at tackling the drawers of used tech we have in our homes. The tech and appliance retailer states this program will be available across the United States and is a part of the company's goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2040.

Beginning today, consumers across the country can order a prepaid technology box to ship their unused tech devices such as phones, computers (laptops), tablets, cables, and more. The small technology box (9 X 5 X 3) costs $22.99 and can hold an acceptable weight of 6 lbs. The large box (18 X 14 X 4) costs $29.99 and can hold 15 lbs of unused tech.

Best Buy's new recycle-by-mail boxes for used technology.

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Once the box has arrived, Best Buy instructs consumers to fill the box up to its weight limit and has provided a detailed list of acceptable devices, as well. Finally, since the box has already been prepaid, take it to a UPS drop-off or schedule a UPS pick-up to grab it from your home, and you're all good.

Best Buy informs consumers that once their devices have been received, the service will responsibly delete any and all data (if you haven't done this yourself) before recycling the devices.

Trying to bring about a more healthy environment is something companies and even governments have started to really push. Samsung highlights its "Galaxy for the Planet" initiative into a brighter spotlight with its recent Galaxy S23 series. The phones contains the most recycled material out of any of its previous devices, with its screen comprised of around 22% recycled glass.

The EU also shifted into a more environmentally-focused mindset as it solidified its USB-C mandate for all mobile devices. This order works on two fronts: for the consumer as the government looks to save folks around €‎250 million a year and to cut down on the sheer amount of e-waste in the region.

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