Periscope now allows for landscape broadcasts

Periscope, a popular live-streaming app, now allows you to start, and view broadcasts in both portrait and landscape modes. Previously, Periscope only offered portrait support, which left many users requesting the ability to shoot in landscape. The latest update, which is rolling out today, introduces support for landscape, allowing you to both view and begin streams in either orientation. Beyond landscape support, Periscope has also added a few other great features to the app. Those include:

  • Share Context: When someone you follow shares a broadcast, it appears in your home feed. In this update, we've added an indicator beneath the broadcast title explaining who shared it with you. No more wondering why a broadcast showed up in your feed!
  • Mutual Follow: This update makes private broadcasting much easier on Android. When you start a private broadcast, you can choose from a list of mutual followers (people you follow, who also follow you). We think this list is a more natural selection of people who you are likely to broadcast to. We've also added an option to quickly select all of your mutual follows.

Be on the lookout for the update, as it begins to make its way through Google Play. Is landscape support a big deal for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Periscope