Xperia X10 update

Sony Ericsson has posted a short video of the desktop environment from the long awaited update to the Xperia X10, and it says a lot.  Mostly what it says is -- "five months after its release [and nearly a year after its announcement], we still won't be providing Android 2.2".  The extra row of homescreen icons (the X10 will support 20 icons per screen vs. the standard 16) is a nice touch, as is the new calls widget, but I think I speak for everyone with an X10 when I say that development time might have been better spent getting Froyo working. 

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To their credit, it looks like the folks at SE have made the already great camera on the X10 even better, so for many I guess not being current with the operating system is a fair trade.  We've got a video of the new desktop in action after the break, and hit the source link to see some demos from the new camera software.  [Sony Ericsson Product Blog]


YouTube link for mobile viewing

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