Pebble Time crosses $20 million in Kickstarter funding with just under 24 hours to go

Pebble Time already crossed the threshold and became the most funded campaign in Kickstarter history a week after its launch, and followed that milestone up with the announcement of a luxury steel version of the upcoming smartwatch.

The Pebble Time adds to the original Pebble smartwatch with a color display, a "smartstrap" that can connect to third-party devices, and an updated design.

If you've been on the fence until now, you still have just under 24 hours to head over to Kickstarter via the source link below and contribute. And if you decide to contribute now, you'll also score either version at a slight discount over the retail price. The standard Pebble Time goes for $179 ($199 retail), while Pebble Time Steel will run you $250 ($299 retail).

Source: Pebble Time (Kickstarter)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster