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Pebble introduces Quick Looks, Fast Actions and more

Pebble has introduced version 4.0 of its Pebble Time software focusing on speed and making it work better for you. From a faster launcher with app glances to an all-new Pebble Health app, there is a whole lot of changes in this update. The new health app brings redesigned cards that give quick glances to your stats, and from there you can dive deeper into the stats if you want. The timeline has quick views and the 4-button quick launch lets you access your favorite apps in just seconds.

Pebble detailed some of the update features{.nofollow} as:

  • All-New Pebble Health App. Press Up from your watchface to review your Pebble Health activity and sleep. Enjoy redesigned cards for quick glances at your current step and sleep performance. Press Right from each activity to dive deeper into your historical performance data.
  • Timeline with Quick Views. Press Down from your watchface for current and future views of your personal Timeline. Gaze up to three days into the future. Enjoy Quick Views—peeks at what's coming up next—from your watchface. Press Down on a Quick View to see more about it, or press Back to dismiss it.
  • Better, Faster Launcher with App Glances. Press Select from your watchface for a new Launcher menu that's built for speed. The banner design shows more items at once. App Glances show preview info without even opening an app.
  • 4-Button Quick Launch. Your favorite Pebble apps are just a press and hold away from your watchface. Assign a Quick Launch favorite to the Up, Down, Back, and Select buttons and blast off.
  • Built for Speed. New system animations make the overall watch experience faster.

You can grab the latest Pebble Time update from Google Play (opens in new tab) now. Once running the latest version of the app, you can update the software on your Pebble by launching the app and heading to Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble.

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  • Give me my Pebble 2 I backed in the first minute of kickstarter this year! ARGGGGGGGGHHHH. I feel better now. Somewhat.
  • You are me last year except I backed on the last day and had to wait until forever.
  • OG Pebble was on the shelves over a month before i got mine delivered. Very nice way to thank the first backers.
  • Yeah, their first Kickstarter seemed like a real **** show. Classic example of a new company being completely unprepared to deal with their own immediate success. I got my OG Pebble as a gift and liked it enough that I backed the Time on day one. I got it exactly when I expected to, so I hope the Time 2 campaign goes as well when they get to production.
  • Oh man, pretty excited for this. Downloading now.
  • This is looking nice so far. I really like the way they changed the Pebble Health card appearance and accessibility. The settings/app selection menu on the watch itself looks MUCH better, and is a lot more easily navigable. My preferred watch face (Aspire) doesn't seem to be comparable with the software update yet, but DIN Time is. So is this more or less the same software that we'll see on the new devices when they ship in the next few months?
  • Odd about Aspire, it's working just fine for me after the upgrade.
  • It's working now. In the Aspire settings section within the Pebble app, there's a "4.0 Crash Fix" note that says that the dev has temporarily disabled the calligraphy font because it messed with memory allocation somehow. That's good to hear, because I really like this watchface.
  • Nice. I don't like that they removed the ability to go backward in the timeline though (pressing the top button). I don't use or care about the health part of the Pebble and now the top button is hard coded to show health information instead of old timeline information.
  • This I agree with, I am not a fan of that. I wish I could change it.
  • I use the health app since I walk daily, so I like it on the top button.
    You can still program the top and bottom buttons in the settings under quick launch.
    The top button (short press) opens health app...A long press will take you to which ever app you have assigned to that button.
    The bottom button (short press opens timeline. A long press opend the assigned app or that button.
    But, yes, you are right that it appears there is no way to open a backward view of the timeline.
  • Loving it on my round so far!
  • I would prefer that soft focus not be used in the pictures of the Pebble screens. It makes them appear less pixilated than they actually are. Show an actual sharp focus picture of their display like the one here:
    or here:
  • No disrespect to the fans of Pebble, as I know it's all about functionality and battery life for them (or so I've been told) but I've never been able to stand how... Palm Pilot-esque these things look. I got a 1st gen Moto360 refurbed for $140 a little over a year ago, and even with the flat tire and single day battery life, it at least looks and feels like a modern day product.
  • Yes. I meant no disrespect either. In fact. the Pebble Time 2 with Core may very well be my next smart watch. But if a display is so low resolution that you can clearly see the little square pixels, consumers should not be bamboozled. The Pebble Time 2 is supposed to have increased resolution and a slightly larger screen. But I intend to see it in person before I buy. I definitely won't be depending on Pebble's own photographs to determine the quality of the display. I wish that I could depend upon Android Central a little more though. :-(
  • Looking forward to getting my Pebble Time 2 later this year, my first Pebble (though not my first smartwatch)