Pandora Android App Coming to Android

One of our favorite applications on the web, on the iPhone and just about anywhere is Pandora. If you don't know Pandora, it's an Internet Radio station that allows you to create your own personal radio station. You just type in a song, artist, or composer you enjoy and Pandora will play similar songs into a highly customized playlist. A radio station that plays only the music you like. Streaming music at its finest

This is an application we sorely missed on Android but fear not, reports are indicating that an Android Pandora application is in the works! Pandora CTO Tom Conrad just announced that Pandora is developing an application for the Android platform. Sadly, he didn't reveal a timeline but the mention of Pandora and Android together is enough to get our hearts racing. We expect it to be just as amazing on Android as it is on the iPhone.

[via androinica]

Casey Chan