Paid apps back from brief hiatus from Google Play

Update 2: And they're back. Crisis is averted!

Update: Google's now telling developers that it's aware of the issue. Help is on the way!

Everybody panic! Paid applications have disappeared from Google Play! (opens in new tab) Well, that's half true. They're still visible in the Android app, but trying to purchase just leads to an error. But the web portal (at least anything that's not on the front page) has been wiped of anything that costs anything.

It should go without saying (but we're about to say it anyway) that this certainly is a temporary thing. But we imagine there are a few developers of paid applications who are none too happy about this.

In the meantime, free apps are available for download, and books and music appear to be unaffected.

We've got an e-mail into Google to see what's going on.

  • Darn. I interpreted the headline as "Everything in the Play Store is free! " I guess in a way it is, but not the way we would want it to be. :-P
  • Same here, just another eye catching caption to get u to read the article. #smh
  • Sheesh, Here I thought something was wrong with my account or something. Saw a game I wanted to buy yesterday, and today I can't find it on the device, and can't search for it in the market.
    If you know the URL, you can get to it, but even when I get there it suddenly became incompatible with all my devices.
  • Panic every one panic. :-)
  • Perfect. LOL.
  • LMAO.....I loved that movie.
  • Surely unrelated, but someone hijacked my debit card and dropped over $200 on the Google play store yesterday...
  • Thats not news for me i have had several apps that i paid for show up as needing paid for again. One cause its gone off the market and one the developer changed the name of the app. So i stopped purchasing apps off the play store and buy them from the amazon market instead and my wife and daughter can use them too much easier.
  • OMGZ!!!!!!1!!!! Google is all evil and sh*t! Their so gonna take all our monie cuz they alreadie have billionz they stole from Americans and gave to all those comminist countrys like india and japan! Thay don't kare about anyone accept demselves, don't give a da*n about all us people who refuse to use their sh*t cuz they's evil. (Hmm, did I take the sarcasm there too far? Nahhhhhh.)
  • Paid apps disappeared from the Play Store for Serbian users in January and they never came back. Google says it's a bug, that's all we got from them and we don't know if they will ever return. I can't even update the once I bought.
  • so what…
    I when will we get other payment options than CC?
  • I *believe* Sprint already has it setup to where you can pay for apps and have it charged to your Sprint bill. Getting something like that setup requires agreements between Google and whatever company, plus the infrastructure in not only those two company's system, but all the intermediary companies as well. When you take into account all the different carriers/developers around the world, not to mention currency differences and such, it's a huge undertaking. I'm imagine Google also has agreements with the developers that it has to live up to regarding how quickly they get their money, and they might not be able to guarantee keeping that agreement if they start involving carriers in collecting payment via your monthly bill. I guess Google hasn't pushed *too* hard for it, since the CC payment seems to be working for them, for the most part.
  • I'll be happy if they make a separate tab in the Market app for previous purchased. As of right now I have to scroll through buttloads of free apps, since deleted, to find the ones I purchased.
  • Actually, as of the most recent update to the Play Store, if you click "Menu -> My Apps" and then swipe to the left, you'll go to the "Previously Purchased" screen. This used to only show apps you actually paid money for but, as of the update about a month ago, now shows every app you've ever downloaded, paid and free. From the web portal, once you login, you can click the "Gear" in the top right corner of the window and select "My Orders and Devices" which will list all of the apps you've ever downloaded. Hope this helps! :)
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  • Why cnt I update my market app store for android