Paid Apps Coming to Android Market in Q1 2009

With the release of Android and the Android Market opening it's doors for our downloading pleasure, I'm probably like the rest of you and have been anxiously awaiting the day I could put down some cash for some epic Android apps. The free apps available thus far have been good and many have whetted our appetites for what the Android platform is capable of, but of course we want more!

More is on the way, and likely as soon as Q1 2009. Ross Miller over at engadget mobile reports that Eric Chu of Google has emailed registered Android Market members with news that paid apps are still coming in Q1 of '09. According to Chu, paid apps will first roll out to the U.S. and the U.K., followed by Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain. More countries will be announced later. Also, developers will have the ability to market their apps to specific countries. When developers can make some payola for their apps, it's certain to mean more variety and higher quality of apps - just look at the explosion of Apple's App Store. Will the Android Market explode in similar fashion?

[engadget mobile]

Brian Hart#AC
  • What a pity.I live in China ,but G1 isn't support Chinese very well. The only thing I can do is waiting.
  • Hurry it up!