A new official Pac-Man game is now available on the Google Play Store called Pac-Man Friends. You'll find the familiar yellow chomping dude, ghosts, mazes and fruit here, but there's a lot that's new. Players use tilt controls to move Pac-Man around a range of puzzle stages.

Pac-Man Friends features 95 levels across 6 worlds, and and you've got 9 new Pac-friends to unlock to help you through the lot of them. There are social tie-ins so you can see how your friends are faring along the way, daily rewards for playing, plus in-app purchases if you need some help getting through specific levels. It's worth noting that on iOS, this game is $4.99 without in-app purchases.

How many of you guys have put time into classic Pac-Man? Have any of the modern re-imaginings caught your eye?