Motorola Milestone ready for overclocking

Before today, overclocking a Motorola Milestone was mostly just a dream, because of the way the boot partition is locked up. But no more. Thanks to some pure genius (something we're getting used to when talking Android), you can now rev up your RPMs (erm, or clock cycles) on the Milestone, and all you need is to make sure your phone is rooted. Additionally, you’ll be able to overclock the Milestone to 1.2GHz, just like the Droid, which should provide a significant speed boost. This method works by actually changing the structures in the kernel’s memory runtime via an injected kernel module, which means you could turn up your CPU before playing a game, or turn it down to save battery life; all without having to reboot the system. Be sure to check out the in-depth instructions. [Milestone Overclock code page via XDA Developers] Thanks, Tiago!

Adam Sawyer