Over 25 percent of Android devices now running 4.0 and above

As it tends to do, Google has released a breakdown of what versions of Android devices out in the wild are currently running as of today, October 1. We're now over the milestone of having one in every four Android devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher -- unfortunately Jelly Bean makes up just 1.8 percentage-points of that right now, but let's not be too down on these numbers. Rounding out the rest of the chart is 2.3 Gingerbread at 55.8 percent, naturally, with all previous versions adding up to just 16.8 percent of active devices.

Android 4.0 and above has seen a pretty quick pickup in adoption since a large number of the world's best selling devices have launched or been updated to it at this point. This is really good news in terms of user adoption, but it also means that app developers have more incentive than ever to start following those "holo" guidelines we seem to ramble on about at times. Be sure to check out the full report at the source link below.

Source: Android Developers Dashboard

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • What's the point? There is so much fragmentation with Android right now, that of those 25 percent of ICS users, perhaps less than 5% actually run stock ICS, while the others use custom ICS full of bloated software from phone makers. In google play, there are so many reviews of people complaining that the apps don't work for their devices. They are using such old versions, their devices are really low end, but they think because it's Android it will work.
  • I agree. It also speaks to the "open" nature of Android. There is no "one OS to rule them all" approach. But I've also seen that on the market, so many people with custom roms, or devices no one has heard of, complain it doesn't work for their phones and low rank the app. Most app makers only focus on the flagships or best selling phones.
  • Google has tried to unify Android by taking actions like the Alliance thing and buying Motorola for leverage. Perhaps they need to take greater control. Look at Samsung and how they basically spit in Google's face by keeping the old button layout. Google needs to say, "look, if you don't do it this way, you can't make Android devices." Thankfully with Motorola in Google's hands now, they can produce whatever product they want, however they want it.
  • Google provides the OS as open source which means there is not a lot they can do with respect to what happens to it with different hardware manufacturers. Of course that also insulates them from direct lawsuits from Apple and buys them a few more years before they end up in an anti-trust case. There are no mobile motives here - it is all about what will make Google the most money with the least oversight.
  • +1. The only reason Goggle bought Motorola is because of the Patents they hold. They will be needed down the road against Apple. And Goggle said they would not interfere in any way with the way Motorola's Phone Division operated, and that it would remain a separate entity. So you can not blame Goggle for Motorola's decisions.
  • would be more but Googlerola said FU to Atrix and Photon owners.
  • I was about to point this out myself.
  • +1!
  • 1 for 4 people use ics or jelly bean... 20% is developer (apps), engineer (google), people who win a Android phone with ics or jelly bean.. and 5% the others users that have a phone with stock rom and finally people with custom rom, trying if works XD so... If Google want change that they need give a present more phone with ics o jelly bean and kill the people who have a gingerbread or down. jaja (that is a joke, right?) I'm saving to buy a new phone with ics or jb and no longer care about this statistic.
  • Sadly, the reason that there is an increase with ICS isn't because they updated lots of the older devices. It's because they have released so many middle-class devices with ICS. Even the phones coming out currently are coming with ICS when they should be with Jelly Bean.
  • I just purchased a Galaxy Nexus off ebay. Even that is dependent on Verizon allowing updates (until I root it myself). I had Moto Droids for 2 years and the lack of updates (and lack of fixes for stability issues) eventually led me to iOS. I'm looking forward to my Nexus simply because I will be able to update. But, I feel sorry for those who spend $200-$300 and sign a 2 year contract and then are stuck with no updates or bug fixes and locked boot-loaders. Bottom line - 25% almost a year after release isn't even something Microsoft would brag about.
  • Gingerbread is actually better. Things like nfl mobile didn't work on jelly bean.
  • What are you talking about? I am using stock Jelly Bean on my Razr and it flies in comparison to Gingerbread. Oh, and I can use NFL mobile in Jellybean as well. Used it last night to watch the Bears/Cowgirls game. Trust me, project butter beats Gingerbread any day of the week. And Google Now is pretty sweet as well.
  • I believe the more appropriate headline would be that 75% of Android powered devices run a grossly out of date version of the OS.
  • who cares about the apps running on ICS ?
    what matters to customers is our mobiles latest OS !!!
    Google hold on ur new product releases untill u can update 25% of androids on the same day as u release new version OS #shame
  • wow....no foolin?? And it has only taken them 10 months to do it too?!?!?!?! I'm already bored with jelly bean and most people want to probably club me over the head for saying that, but it just shows the sad state android is in, and it's entirely the fault of the manufacturers. They need to step up their games and stop taking forever to release. I'm watching the news about devices finally getting ics pushed and I'm sitting here waiting for news about key lime pie. What's worse is my phone (ns4g) is only a few months newer than my sister's (evo4g) and mine is already two revisions ahead of hers. Fragmentation is going to be the death of android as we know it. From this point out I will never recommend a single device unless it's got nexus branding. I feel awful that I'm recommending people get other devices and they end up waiting a year to get firmware upgrades (then outdated by the time the get it). So long carrier branded....so long manufacturer unlocked. I've been a Nexus fan personally for over a year, but now I've been driven to not only recommend nexus SOLELY as the only reasonable option, I'm also driven to speak out against, and talk as much trash as possible about every single other android device in existence that hasn't been updated to 4.1 by today.' Let me put it this way: the cyanogen team makes just as many changes to the firmware as a carrier would, including skinning, code changes, and all....why do they have devices running JB that the device's own manufacturer can't upgrade? Laziness, lack of caring, and the desire to FORCE customers to buy new hardware. So, my conclusion??? Fuck everyone except whoever is chosen to be the temporary nexus manufacturer!! If the device isn't updated within 2 months of the firmware being announced, it's too late!
  • Theres no crying in Android.
  • If it's not broken, don't fix it.
    Original 2.3.3 on an S2 baby <3 forums are full of update tears.
  • Very happy to be in the 1.8%.