OSOM's Essential Phone successor eyes Q4 launch with new details revealed

(Image credit: OSOM Privacy)

What you need to know

  • OSOM's OV1 smartphone will launch with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series processor. 
  • The privacy-focused device will use a specially designed USB-C called a "Secure Date Cable." 
  • The OV1 is due for release in Q4 2022 .

OSOM, the former team behind the Essential Phone (PH-1), is preparing to release its own smartphone — the OV1. Today, the company announced a few more details of the upcoming device, giving us more insights into what we should expect when it gets released.

OSOM said that the new phone will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chip in an announcement via Twitter. While it could end up being the Gen 1 found in some of the newest smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, the phrasing in the tweet is a bit vague, and the OV1 could end up using a different version of the processor. However, by going to this chipset OSOM says that it will add a slight delay, pushing it to Q4 2022. 


(Image credit: OSOM Privacy)

OSOM says that, unlike Essential, the company has assembled a team working to bring a true flagship camera experience to its phone. In terms of the cameras, while details are a bit thin at the moment, the OSOM OV1 will sport a dual-camera setup on the back with 48MP and 12MP sensors. On the front, there will be a 16MP camera.

However, like Essential, OSOM uses some unique materials to build the OV1. Housing the cameras will be stainless steel and titanium, with a zirconia back offering polished white, matte black, and with some surprise colors still to come according to OSOM. The OV1 will also be noticeably larger than the compact PH-1. OSOM says that the determination for the phone's size is to offer improved antenna performance and a larger battery for a better overall user experience.

OSOM (the full company name is OSOM Privacy) has a motto of "Own Your Privacy," giving a glimpse into how it will be bringing that philosophy to the new phone with its USB-C cable. The OV1 will use what OSOM is calling a Secure Data Cable to help protect your device when plugged into a USB port. Think when you use a USB port at a coffee shop or airport — there is a switch on the cable that disconnects the pins used for transmitting data to ensure that only power is flowing. 

Though OSOM is working on its first smartphone, it has plenty of experience and talent within. It will be interesting to see how the OV1 progresses throughout the year and ultimately stacks up against many excellent Android phones that will arrive on the scene before OV1 does in Q4. 

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