Oppo has released its new ColorOS 2.0 for its Find 7 and Find 7a smartphones, based on Android KitKat, which offers a new UI shell for those devices.

Here's a look at the extensive change log for ColorOS 2.0:

  • Refined UI Design - The ColorOS 2.0 has inherited the UI design of ColorOS 1.0, by removing redundant elements from the 1.x icons the new design are more minimalistic and easier to recognize.
  • Global Gaussian Blur Effect - System wide Gaussian blur effect makes the whole system looks more beautiful and consistent in different interfaces, such as the notification center, folders, music now playing interface etc.
  • System Wide Animation - The ColorOS 2.0 is more energetic, with system wide transition animation the whole system comes alive, each operation seems so natural and fluid.
  • Live Weather 2.0 - Added a new weather effect "Haze", given sound effects for some effects and you may found more surprises when using the live weather 2.0.
  • Global Gesture Panel 2.0 - The new gesture panel is now activated by slide up from the bottom of the screen. Each gesture you've used can be recorded and shown on top as a reminder.
  • Redesigned Task Manager - The new task manager design shows every task running in background as a card you can simply slide it up to close it or slide it down to lock it or tap the end all button to close them all (locked apps will not be closed).
  • Easy Crop for Screenshots - After you've taken a screenshot you can pull down the notification center to crop, share or delete it.
  • Single Layer Launcher - The changing from dual layer to single layer launcher is not simple a win/lose situation, both design has it's own advantage and disadvantage. ColorOS decided to go with single layer design is just another step towards the purse of simplicity and perfection.
  • Super Power Saving - By reducing animation, underclocking the CPU or shutdown all applications except for calls and messages your phone can be under deep power saving mode so as increase the battery life as much as possible.
  • Memory Cleaner - Added "Memory Cleaner" in security center, which enables you to control and release memory more easily.

There will not be an over the air update for ColorOS 2.0 so owners of the Oppo Find 7 and 7a can directly download it via Cloudfront.

Source: Oppo Forums