Opera Max

Opera Max, an Android app that can help you reduce your data usage across different apps and services on your phone, has received an update meant to make using apps and browsing the web when connected to public Wi-Fi faster and more secure. Opera says that it reached this goal thanks to the integration of the latest Opera Turbo technology, along with switching Opera Max's VPN connections to an SPDY SSL tunnel, rather than HTTP 1.1.

Essentially, the addition of SSL encryption means that the data sent between your phone and Opera Max's servers is safer, making public Wi-Fi less of a threat. Additionally, Opera says that your phone should load data noticeably faster thanks to SPDY implementation:

SPDY is an offshoot of the forthcoming HTTP 2.0 standard, that Google developed specifically for accelerating mobile data connections. Google deployed SPDY in several apps, most notably in the Chrome Data Saver feature in Chrome for Android. SPDY was tested and improved on in the wild with over a hundred million android users using Chrome's Proxy features over SPDY. Google estimates that SPDY brings a 23% improvement in speed over mobile networks.

If your interest is piqued, you can check out all of the latest improvements by downloading Opera Max from Google Play now. And for more on what we thought of Opera Max after testing it out, be sure to check out our full review of the app.