Opera browsers for Android get video compression, installable web apps and more

Alongside some new company branding, both Opera and Opera Mini for Android are seeing some tasty new additions that have been in beta for a little while now. Opera is getting installable web apps and video compression while Opera Mini is getting a new tabbed browsing experience.

Helping you save data is one of Opera's signature features on mobile, with the facility available not just in its main browser but also in Opera Mini and the more wide reaching Opera Max. Today's update to Opera Browser is all set to help you keep your data usage down while watching videos during browsing sessions. In compressing videos, Opera says you'll see less buffering along with a lower data usage figure.

Also new to Opera Browser is support for installable web apps. While on your favorite sites a tap of the "add to home screen" button will create a shortcut and an "app-like experience" when you open them in the browser.

Over in the Opera Mini camp, the tabbed browsing experience is getting a spruce. New tabs can open in the background without leaving the page you're currently on with a nifty way to quickly flick between all of your open ones. The download manager has also been given some attention, now notifying you when a file has finishing downloading to your device.

Both are available in the Play Store today at the download links below, where you'll also find the full press release.

Opera browsers for Android get new features plus new Opera logo

Today, we launch new versions of both Opera Mini for Android, and the full Opera browser for Android, with new and important features like video compression, installable web apps, better downloads and improved tab switching. In addition, both Android browsers come with the new and upgraded Opera logo.

"To grow our Android user-base from 140 million to 275 million users by 2017, we are dedicated to introducing features that give a superior user experience. The strong lineup of features with the introduction of the new and fresh Opera logo, is a milestone in our aggressive growth path in the Android market," says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera.

Opera browser for Android with video compression and web apps

People love watching video on their mobiles and tablets. Unfortunately, this can eat up a data plan quickly, as stalled videos waste time and create frustration. From now on, users will see less of the dreaded video-buffering wheel, as Opera browser for Android is coming to the rescue with video compression. We're also very excited about installable web apps, as it bridges the gap between native and web apps in an elegant way. When a user clicks "Add to Home Screen" after loading a site in Opera, a shortcut to a site is placed on the home screen of their device, allowing for an app-like experience in the web browser.

Opera Mini for Android with better downloads and improved tab switching

In the previous version of Opera Mini for Android, we launched a better download manager, and we continue to improve that. Now, we introduce a better notification feature, so you will be notified when your files are finished downloading.If you are one of those people who use a lot of tabs, we have good news for you. Now, you can open a new tab while you're reading the page you are on. It will open in the background with the option to quickly switch between them, allowing you to navigate across multiple sites.

The new Opera "O" available for 200 million users

Last week, we updated our desktop browser, and now that the Android products are out with the new logo, our new brand identity is available for well over 200 million users globally.

Richard Devine