OnePlus 3T

Shipping in volume is hard. It's actually one of the most complicated and expensive parts of making a physical object you want to sell to people. Many larger companies around the world make it look fairly easy, where you can just press the order button and the phone is in a box with a shipping label within hours, but it only works for those companies after years of negotiations and errors.

OnePlus is finally ready to give immediate dispatch a try in Europe and North America starting tomorrow, but it's not clear how long this experiment will be around. Starting tomorrow, if you buy a OnePlus 3T in the 64GB Gunmetal configuration from OnePlus, the phone will be shipped immediately after! Here's what David from OnePlus had to say about the plan:

A New Year means a new start. Our goal for this year is to once again deliver the best technology to our community. It's just as important to do so as fast as possible though, so we'll be looking to reduce our delivery time. That said, as is the case with all New Year's resolutions, we can't expect to get there overnight. That's why we are going to tackle this goal step by step.

OnePlus isn't saying how long this option will be available, only that the goal is to make this a permanent offering on its website.

OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3


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