OnePlus responds to Cyanogen's exclusive partnership with Micromax

OnePlus has addressed its Indian users regarding the recent announcement that Cyanogen has made a deal with Indian handset manufacturer Micromax. The deal gives exclusive rights to Cyanogen's software to Micromax in India, leaving out the OnePlus One, which is powered by Cyanogen. Naturally, OnePlus expressed disappointment in the deal.

Additionally, OnePlus says they are bewildered at this move by Cyanogen. The two companies have previously cooperated on the launch of the OnePlus One in 17 countries, including India. The company does say that the One will continue to receive software updates globally, but apologizes to Indian customers who feel deceived.

OnePlus goes on to say that they will be releasing their own software to users in India and around the world as soon as possible, from their previously-announced Android software team. They have committed to two years of support for the OnePlus One with their software, which will be bloat-free and based on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Source: OnePlus blog{.nofollow}

Joseph Keller