OnePlus One launch pushed back due to OpenSSL vulnerability patch

OnePlus One
OnePlus One

OnePlus has again delayed its upcoming debut flagship Android smartphone, the One. The company confirmed in an email sent out to early adopters, who await their promised invites, that the device will be delayed due to a last minute CyanogenMOD software update. A Member of the CyanogenMOD team took to Reddit yesterday to clarify that this software update was to ensure the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability has been patched prior to shipping.

It's understandable that some who are eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to get their mucky paws on the OnePlus One will be severely disappointed at yet another delay, but since this is down to security – which is incredibly important these days – we'll let this one slip by. Thankfully this delay isn't down to production issues or failing to meet expectations, just read through our in-depth review to see how solid the smartphone is for the $299 price tag.

Unfortunately, no estimation has been shared by the company, but kudos to the CyanogenMOD and OnePlus teams for favoring security over rushing the final product out. We bet you're all still stoked about the OnePlus One, correct?

Source: Reddit, via: MobileSyrup

Rich Edmonds