OnePlus apologizes for pre-order snafu, announces second pre-order window for November 17th

OnePlus has issued an apology today for the problems that many customers experienced during their open pre-order event yesterday. To make amends, the company has announced that it will hold another pre-order event on November 17th. The time between windows should give the budding smartphone maker time to improve their server capacity in order to better handle the significant demand for the handset.

OnePlus gave more details on what exactly caused the problems yesterday, saying:

In the lead up to opening our pre-order window, we more than doubled our server capacity to handle the expected traffic. However the amount of people signing in to submit pre-orders caused them to hang at certain points in the process, leaving many users unable to log in

In any event, the company seems prepared to make the snafu up to those who tried and failed to preorder yesterday. Did you attempt to grab a OnePlus One yesterday? Did you experience any problems with the ordering process? Let us know in the comments.

Source: OnePlus

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