Fortnite Oneplus IslandSource: Epic Games

What you need to know

  • OnePlus and Epic Games have partnered together to produce a new Creative Island.
  • The island is filled with five different mini-games, all of which last up to 90 seconds.
  • Fortnite players who have OnePlus phones can now stream the game at 90 FPS.

One of the many modes inside Epic Game's Fortnite is its Creative mode, which allows players to customize their own space to host a variety of activity. As a part of OnePlus and Epic's ongoing partnership, the two companies have launched their own Creative Island that allows players to test their skills in a handful of mini-games.

The island, named "90," will consist of five individual mini-games, all of which last up to about 90 seconds each and focus on the themes of speed and smoothness. The mini-games range from things like Color Dash, which test a players ability to color as many tiles as possible while undergoing different gravitational effects, to Skydive Shootout, which sees players testing their skydiving capabilities against one another.

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The announcement of the new Creative Island comes just after OnePlus and Fortnite revealed that players using OnePlus phones can stream Fortnite at an incredible 90 frames-per-second, which is an incredible speed for any game on a mobile phone, and should allow players to have much more competitive matches of Fortnite on the go.

For players wanting to test out the new island, it will be live tomorrow at 10:00 am EST, and will be one of the featured islands inside Fortnite's Creative mode.

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