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OneDrive for Android now sports fingerprint authentication to lock your files

OneDrive on Android
OneDrive on Android (Image credit: Android Central)

Microsoft is bolstering OneDrive's security prowess on Android with the adoption of fingerprint authentication for locking down your files. The feature is now rolling out to everyone alongside a new grid view for photos (via MSPU).

Fingerprint authentication comes in addition to the PIN protection already offered by OneDrive. And as security features go, your fingerprint is the much more secure option. If you make a habit of keeping particularly sensitive files in OneDrive, this is a handy addition.

To get started with the new feature, you'll have to navigate to the "Passcode" section of the Settings menu and make sure it's enabled. From there, you can check the box next to "Use fingerprint to authenticate" to require verification whenever OneDrive is accessed from your Android device.

Additionally, the latest update includes a new grid view that's available from the Photos section. Here's a look at the official release notes:

  • In addition to a PIN Code, you'll now be able to use your fingerprint to lock the OneDrive app.
  • We've improved our grid view to help your photos stand out and look their best as well as making it easier than ever to see what photos are getting backed up in the Photos tab.

If you're a regular OneDrive user, you can grab these new features with the latest update available from Google Play now.

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  • Enabled it just now and tried it. Great to see this security feature, because I really use my OneDrive. I learned, a couple of years ago by having my laptop stolen, not to rely on having everything in its hard drive. So secure cloud services for me are a must.
  • Onedrive is awesome
  • Nice to finally use on my Note 8.
  • Nice!
  • Using it and I love it
  • I've gotta check this setting for Google drive and push for it to be added if it's not there ,it's a good addition but I needn't download one drive when Google drive comes preinstalled on my Device.