One year later, how's your Galaxy Note 10 battery holding up?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in hand
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in hand (Image credit: Android Central)

Smartphones are pretty amazing. Every year they get better displays, faster performance, more capable cameras, and so on. The advancements that companies make on an annual basis is pretty impressive when you step back and think about it, but regardless of all these improvements, there's always one area that tends to degrade with time — battery life.

Batteries have gotten bigger and more efficient over the years, but the fact remains that their longevity naturally decreases the more you use them. Draining a battery and recharging it over and over takes a toll on its endurance, especially after you've owned a phone for over a year.

Some owners of the Galaxy Note 10 recently started talking about how their batteries are doing now that it's been about a year since the handset was released, with the conversation going as follows:

Has anyone else started having battery draining problems? Mine has started dropping more. My brother in law is having the same problem. I'm not doing anything different from what I have been doing since I got it


Nope on August patch no battery drain at all.

Ruben Ocasio

Mine seems to be draining quicker as well but I was putting it down to the factory reset that I did before Samsung fixed the update for the 976b 5G version. Be interesting to see if same people who had the issue with the original update will also be the people with battery drain.


No drain on my Samsung Note10 + 5G before or after the August update. As we all use different apps, preferences settings and launchers, signal strengths and usage patterns etc battery usage is a subjective topic. Stay Safe.


What about you? One year later, how's your Galaxy Note 10 battery holding up?

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