O2 latest UK operator to offer London Underground Wifi

UK mobile operator O2 has today become the latest provider to launch free London Underground Wifi connectivity to its subscribers. Like rivals Vodafone and EE, O2's offering Wifi through a partnership with Virgin Media, which has hotspots at more than 120 tube stations across central London.

After registering their devices with O2 Wifi, O2 customers can get started by connecting to a Virgin Media hotspot and selecting O2 from the list of available providers. Then to complete the process, they'll need to enter their phone number in the form that appears.

Unlike some other major cities, London's underground network lacks cellular data reception of any kind, making Wifi a necessity for anyone wanting to get connected while they travel. O2's Wifi partnership with Virgin Media means Three now is the only major provider not yet offering this service, putting the UK's smallest network at a potential disadvantage.

Source: TNW (opens in new tab), O2 YouTube (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Well if Three now does that it would be perfect!
  • Tbh I don't see three doing it anytime soon, they need to get the 3g coverage right first too some parts of London are no go zones for 3 Posted via Android Central App
  • Apparently they're "working on it" Via twitter: https://twitter.com/ThreeUK/status/322297463807561729
  • Well the part of the tube network that is underground has no signal, but a big part of outer London is 'overground' rail for the tube so you can use mobile data there. The VM WiFi is great for updating on the go, I use it daily, one step closer to maybe having full WiFi in the tunnels but that is still a pipe dream Posted via Android Central App
  • Still would rather have unlimited data first than a bit of WiFi when on the tube. Yeah Three's signal sometimes lacks, but for the most part, when I get signal, its always full and never slow. Vodafone were no better for me half the time when it came to signal, it was painfully slow quite often and they are far more expensive for less.