NYC Verizon Store Opening At Midnight For DROID, Will Others ?

If you're in or around the New York City area on Droid Day, you'll have the opportunity to be among the first group to own the Verizon Motorola DROID. We've just received a tip that tells us that the Verizon Wireless store on 34th Street is planning to open on November 6th at 12:00 AM for a Midnight Launch of the DROID. We're hoping that this is a start of a trend and that many other Verizon stores will follow suit with midnight launches because we know you guys would get restless knowing others are already enjoying their DROID.

Are other stores getting Midnight Launches of the DROID? Who's going to be the first to buy one?

a BIG thanks to VZDroidGuy for the tip!

Casey Chan
  • I will be there at 11:59!!! kidding! 11p. LOL
  • MI stores seems to only want to open at 7-7:30. It figures since everyone is MI is a slack-ass. Just look at the autoindustry.
  • It seems like it is up to the district managers. In my area one of the stores is having a "midnight release" tonight, but may be starting an invitation only sale soon after their doors close for the evening and not midnight.
  • HOUSTON stores all open at 6am!
  • I wish employee's could go to a store and get one instead of waiting for one to ship when / if it ships right away. Would be great!! but i probably wont be able to get it for a few weeks cause its in high demand.
  • That would suck if we had to wait, remember the storm 1 launch we had to wait like 2 wks to get it
  • Just to bad these phones ae coming out on Verizon . That is one company I simply cant stand and will never go back to !!! They are way to expensive and there customer service is the worst in the industry , I wonder if Sprint will ever get a phjone like the Droid or something equivilant in the near future , I would rather just wait it out or never have it at all then switch back to verizon !!!
  • for what it's worth, i would imagine that sprint will likely get the droid second. afaik, the hardware is 100% compatible, and usually phones make it to sprint second if verizon has exclusivity first, and vice versa. apparently vzw is getting palm's last gasp... i mean... the pre, in a few months. my two cents on carriers- it's all about where you are, and where you go. i live in milwaukee, where i had sprint for 8 years off and on. for about six years, it was rock solid. then it became hideously unreliable. back in '02, i had verizon for a year, it was great; then moved to soCal for awhile, and the service sucked. att has been a joke, and t-mo works great on my iphone... when i'm inside their spotty coverage area. moral of the story- all carriers suck, and everybody has a horror story or two about at least one carrier.
  • AMEN!!!! When I left Verizon it was because of their billing practices. Add more text messages to the plan??? Reset the two year clock. Do ANYTHING to your acct and they reset the clock. Not to mention not keeping my unused minutes. Jumped to Cingular(pre-AT&T) and no reset to add text or even data. T-Mobile? No problem. And now Verizon ups the early termination to $350????? >:-( I'd rather tie two cans to a string than give Verizon a penny.