NVIDIA's Shield TV gets a huge update five years after launch

Android TV interface
Android TV interface (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • NVIDIA today announced the Shield software experience upgrade 8.2.
  • It improves the built-in upscaler for the 2019 Shield TVs.
  • The update will also add more actions to the extremely customizable remote.

NVIDIA today has rolled out an update to Shield TVs, the Shield software experience upgrade 8.2. With this release, it's supporting even the original 2015 version, its 25th upgrade so far. The biggest feature addition here is the improvement of the UHD 4K upscaling for 2019 models. It was previously limited to only supporting HD 30fps content, but now NVIDIA says the upscaler will support anything from 360p all the way to 1440p. For the 2019 Shield TV Pro, version 8.2 will let users upscale 60fps content.

NVIDIA is also boosting the customization of the SHIELD TV remote. It's adding support for more actions (now over 25, NVIDIA notes) to the remote. With the update, users can assign an action or app to be launched in response to double presses and long presses. This will be supported on all SHIELD TVs and the Shield TV app.

Here's what else NVIDIA added:

These upgrades include support for digital projectors, and allowing functionality when SHIELD isn't active. It also adds IR volume control when using the SHIELD TV app, and when you've paired your Google Home with SHIELD. The 2019 SHIELD remote adds IR control to change the input source on TVs, AVRs, and soundbars.Additionally, earlier SHIELD generations — both 2015 and 2017 models — now have an option to match the frame rate of displayed content.We've added native SMBv3 support as well, providing faster and more secure connections between PC and SHIELD. SMBv3 now works without requiring a PLEX media server.

Reviewing the Shield TV 2019 earlier this year, Android Central's Russell Holly said:

This simpler, more polished experience is fantastic on nearly every level and doesn't deviate terribly from the things we already enjoyed about this system. And for its price, the new console checks a lot of boxes. If you want a dead simple streaming box that occasionally includes some fun gaming to it as well, this is without a doubt the box for you.

Today's update only serves to bolster that sentiment.

NVIDIA Shield TV (2019)

NVIDIA Shield TV 2019

NVIDIA's Shield TV was always a great device, and the presence of updates like this can reassure users that they'll be able to keep trucking along for a long time.

Michael Allison