For those who are completely immersed in the Android ecosystem — and, frankly, even for those of us in mixed marriages — Android TV may well be one of the best-kept secrets Google has. The question, then, is how do you get Android TV? If it's already built into your TV, great. That's maybe my favorite way to use it.

But if you're looking for a standalone Android TV box, there's only one you need to consider. And that's the NVIDIA Shield TV.

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Andrew touched on most of the reasons why in the full Android Central review. And since then the Shield TV has only solidified its place at the top of the Android TV heap. It handles 4K video without a hiccup. It has a pretty vast gaming library. It has access to Amazon Video — one of the only Android TV instances to do so. It's got USB storage. It's got a good remote. It's got ethernet. It'll work as a Plex server. (Huzzah!)

And, yes, it's more expensive than other Android TV options. But I've used them all. This is the only Android TV box you should consider.

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