Amazon UK gave us a bit of foreshadowing with its £20 discount on the Shield Android TV earlier today, but now we have an equivalent $20 discount on the Android TV box over in the U.S. The $20 discount is exclusive to those with Amazon Prime memberships for Prime Day, and is applied for both the standard (regularly) $199 Shield Android TV and the "Pro" model with its 500GB hard drive.

NVIDIA Shield Android TV

Though $199 feels like a steep price for a set top box when others are available for closer to $100, we can definitely say that the Shield Android TV is worth the price. Not only does it offer the best performance on any Android TV box, but it also has plenty of extra features like 4K output and considerable gaming chops.

If you're unsure which model to buy, you're probably going to be best served by the cheaper — but still fully capable — standard model. If you think there's a chance you could be convinced to drop the extra $100 on the Pro model, be sure to read our comparison of the two before buying. We're not sure how long the $20 discount will last, but we wouldn't wait too long.

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NVIDIA Shield Android TV



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