Preorders also will see the $50 discount

NVIDIA dropped a serious stunner about the Shield this morning, announcing a new $299 price tag and general availability starting June 27. According to a post on their official blog, they got great feedback from everyone who has used the device, but there was one common sentiment amongst the early testers -- if the Shield were priced at $299 it would be even more amazing. So that's what they did.

Everyone who has already preordered will be charged the new lower price when their device ships, saving $50 off the originally advertised price of $349. That's a lot of great Tegra-optimized games from Google Play, or maybe a nice dinner to make it easier to tell the wife you just spend $300. Any way you slice it, everyone loves saving $50.

Source: NVIDIA

They also told a little bit more about the development process, and why they were so keen to let everyone have a go with the Shield at places like E3 or Google I/O. The great feedback they got from developers, media experts and regular gamers helped them get the controls right. Things like the throw length of the joysticks or the travel of the buttons when pressed is based on what thousands of folks like you and me think feels "right". 

If you're a gamer, today's news is great!