Shield Tablet

NVIDIA has released preview builds for developers looking to take advantage of the Khronos's new graphics API, Vulkan. The low-level API is the successor to OpenGL, giving developers a unified cross-platform framework for high-performance 3D graphics that works on Android, Tizen, SteamOS, Ubuntu, and Windows (going all the way back to WIndows XP).

The main benefit of Vulkan over OpenGL is low CPU overhead, which is achieved by leveraging multi-threading and multi-core CPUs. The API also provides better memory management and synchronization with the GPU, making it ideal for memory-intensive use cases like virtual reality.

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NVIDIA has announced that it is rolling out support for the API with upcoming Marshmallow builds for the Shield Tablet and Shield TV, and is currently offering developer preview builds for those looking to get started with Vulkan right away. Head to the link below for more information on how to download the developer preview images:

Vulkan Developer Preview for SHIELD

Source: NVIDIA

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