NVIDIA Shield Tablet

NVIDIA will offer online shoppers two special bundle deals for its Shield devices on "Black Friday", November 28. One of them is for the $399.99 32GB LTE version of the Shield tablet. NVIDIA will throw in a free Shield controller for Black Friday sales only. The controller is usually priced at $59.99 as an optional accessory.

Anyone who buys a Shield tablet on Black Friday will still get the previously announced "Green Box" bundle of games from Valve (Half-Life 2 , Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and and Portal) for free, which is a $29.97 value.

The other bundle centers on the older $199.99 Shield portable gaming console. NVIDIA will add a free carrying case and glossy black armor on Black Friday, which together normally sell for about $60. Both Shield products will be able to access Grid, NVIDIA's new streaming game service, for free until July 15, 2015. Grid currently has about 20 games that are together worth over $400.

Are you thinking about grabbing a Shield Tablet or Portable bundle on Black Friday?

Source: NVIDIA