Google services return after half-hour outage due to server crash

Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4a (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Update, September 24 (10:34 pm ET): Google acknowledged the issue, which was caused by a server crash. Services were down for around 30 minutes on Thursday night.

What you need to know

  • A number of Google's services have gone down.
  • It is currently unclear what has caused the interruption in service.
  • It is also unclear when Google will restore access to services.

As reported by a number of users on Twitter and server monitoring websites like DownDetector, it appears that a number of Google's services are currently down for users.

One user on Twitter has reported that they are unable to access both Gmail or the Google Play Store.

"Google stuff is down. Gmail, Play Store. Yikes."

Another user has reported their Google Nest services are not working either. This includes services such as Google Home and even being able to record with their Nest camera.

"Nest services are down right now as well. Camera recording, Google home, etc"

It is currently unclear what has caused the interruption to Google's services, or when the company will be able to restore access for its customers.

Update, September 24 (10:34 pm ET) — Google and Nest services come back up after 30-minute outage

Screen Shot 2020 09 24 At 10.33.24 Pm

Source: Downdetector (Image credit: Source: Downdetector)

Google said that a routing issue caused some servers to crash, bringing down a number of the company's services, including Gmail, Nest, and many cloud clients like Doordash, for around 30 minutes.

Everything should be coming back up now.

Joe Wituschek