Dragon Mobile Assistant has been updated with new biometric features that lets you access hands-free features without having to unlock your device. The app by Nuance can now recognize users based on their "VoicePrint", and continues to offer a bunch of voice-activated controls for messaging, calling, and maps. The workflow is a bit speedier than you might be used to, as you can spout out the wake command and the task command at the same time, as opposed to waiting for your phone to initiate listening before getting on with it. The update also includes a new embedded browser which brings back web search results quicker than ever.

The last big update added the ability to automatically shift into Driving Mode (which reads messages out loud to you) when it detected you were moving above a certain speed. Before that, it added location-sharing and dictation functions.

Check out the download link above to give it a shot. Any Nuance Mobile Assistant users out there? How often do you use hands-free commands and feedback from your phone?

Source: Nuance