Google's Pixel 2 is bringing a lot of cool new features to the table, but one of the most interesting is one called "Now Playing." Now Playing uses Pixel Ambient Services to identify songs that are playing in the background around you, and once it knows what title it is, it'll automatically display the name of the song and artist on your lock screen so you can see what's playing without having to lift a finger.

The feature sounds wildly cool in theory, but its usefulness will ultimately come down to how well it actually works. A developer by the name of Kieron Quinn recently used a program to determine just how many songs Now Playing is able to identify, and during his test, he created a list of 17,300 songs that the Pixel 2 was able to ID.

That's not a small number any means, and even though Quinn was already of the mindset that there could be even more songs he just wasn't able to pick up with the software he used, Google was quick to reach out to the folks at 9to5Google to state that Now Playing on the Pixel 2 can identify tens of thousands of different songs – much more than the 17,300 initially discovered by Quinn.

Now Playing will undoubtedly get smarter and be able to identify even more tracks as time goes on, so the fact that it can already recognize that many titles is seriously impressive.

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