Norwegian family finds HTC Tattoo entombed in butter

While we're all gawping at the latest and greatest HTC phones from MWC, spare a thought for the poor old HTC Tattoo, released as a budget phone in 2009, sporting Android 1.6 and a resistive touchscreen. Its glory days have long since past, and now it's only given any attention when it shows up in bizarre or unexpected situations like this...

According to Norwegian news site, a man named Tone Thorsrud was surprised to find a HTC Tattoo buried inside in a tub of butter last weekend during a meal with his family. What's even more surprising is that the phone had survived its buttery ordeal and Thorsrud was actually able to power it on. However the lockscreen has prevented him from using it, so the newly-unearthed device may never be reuinted with its owner.

Thorsrud reflected on his strange discovery, saying "it was quite a festive dinner. It is not every day you find a cell phone in the butter."

We couldn't agree more. The offending butter company has reportedly apologized to Thorsrud and is investigating further. [ via Google Translate]

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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