Nook Color SDK released

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color, an eReader that moonlights as a pretty nice Android tablet, now has its own Android SDK add-on.  This means developers have access to code snippets, android debug bridge drivers, and a device emulator to test things on.  Seems that even Barnes & Noble realize the Nook Color is a bit more than just an eReader, and hopefully we'll see some of the Android genius we're used to get thrown at this one.  At $250 dollars, with a now confirmed 800MHz TI OMAP 3621 processor and POWERVR SGX530 GPU, this just might be the Android tablet you're looking for.  [Android Community]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • It looks like a beautiful device. Interested to see what the devs do with this... I've been holding out for the wifi Tab, but by the time that comes out, there should be plenty of alternatives.
  • Why don't B@N put a Root Me button on the device and save themselves the fight? Do like Nexus One, and make it obvious it was rooted but don't spend any resources trying to fight it. The performance of this device (for what it does) is really quite acceptable. How can you go wrong at that price buying it with the intention of rooting it?
  • But it is all locked up. The guy at B@N said you can't even load non B@N .APKs without voiding the warranty. And they have the thing all closed off so one can barely tell it is even Android.
  • They want it to be just an e reader with a little extra. Because it is so closed down when Google finally allows non 3G tablets on the market they don't plan to slow this on. It will still be stuck using only the B@N market. Forget rooting give me some good old fashion Android openness. additionally it is running 2.0 with how they are treating this it may never get 2.2.
  • I think you meant android 2.1 not 2.0 (Barnes and Noble list the specs as 2.1), and don't be too shocked if it gets 2.2 before th Galaxy S phones.
  • Sorry, the two part post was needed to avoid the spam filter.
  • there's video of someone running froyo (vanilla) on it, but custom roms aren't here yet. A bunch of us have the nook rooted, and are running all sorts of stuff on it. I'm running ADW launcher, angry birds, astro androot explorers, can install apps from the tablet itself ( more adb), docs to go works great, meebo works well, the youtube app looks awesome, and oh by the way, all my original stuff works great, the browser, reading app for magazines and books, as well as comics, everything works nice.
  • Seems to me that B&N are more worried about ebook sales than getting into the e-tablet world. I rooted mine and run all the apps. Took it back to the B&N store using the 1 free hour read, and found most nooks were rooted, store nook sales person said it was still under warranty, and could be returned to B&N base android quickly... Don't expect to much help in the pure android world from B&N, to much corp control required, don't think they fully understand the open system world. Far east will take over quickly.