No, Xiaomi isn't working on a Mi Mix 2 variant with an iPhone X-style notch

Xiaomi said during the launch of the Mi Mix 2 that it explored various implementations for the positioning of the front camera, including a design that featured a cutout at the top, much like the "notch" on the iPhone X. The company ultimately decided to place the camera module on the bottom bezel for the Mix 2, and while alleged photos of a "Mi Mix 2s" with a cutout at the top are making the rounds, the phone in question is a standard Mi Mix 2 running an app that mimics the notch.

The alleged images conveniently hide the bottom bezel, which is where the camera module is located on the Mix 2. Furthermore, the themes store in MIUI has plenty of options that let users "convert" their phones to an iPhone X-style look. iOS-based themes have been popular among Xiaomi customers for several years now, and the launch of the iPhone X has led to themes that allow users to emulate the notch on their Xiaomi phones.

As for the Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi is working to bring the bezel-less device to other markets. The phone was launched in India last month, and Xiaomi has kicked off sales in Europe earlier this week.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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