Nexus One gets an update to FRG83D (no, it's still not Gingerbread)

The Google Nexus One just got itself a little update. It's still Android 2.2.1 -- no Gingerbread yet, folks -- and the 1.3MB download looks to be a bunch of patches and bugfixes. We've poked around it for a few minutes, and here's what we see:

The Froyo framework has been patched, as has the applications debugger. When we look at the system applications, each has a small patch, but Vending (the Android Market, which is now at Version 2.12), the Google services framework, and the GoogleEmail application (not Gmail) has a larger patch in place. There's also a small patch to the stock recovery.

So, no Gingerbread yet, but this this likely is an update to get us ready for it. For the direct download link and more discussion, check out this thread. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Phil Nickinson