Nexus 7 India

The Nexus 7 has just appeared for sale on the Google Play store in India, with a shipping date of April 5. There hasn't been any official announcement to our knowledge, but a couple of quick people on Twitter found it as soon as it went live in the store -- and it doesn't get much more official than that. If you're in India, you can add it to your cart for Rs. 15,999 (about $295) and have it shipped "by April 5, 2013".

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Even though the Nexus 7 may seem like old news to those of us who have had easy access to them for several months, it's a huge deal to see Google finally selling Nexus devices directly to India. Google has been making huge efforts to expand Android's presence in the country, which has been growing its mobile and smartphone usage dramatically over the last year.

Thanks, @sandeepnargund and @atulalvenkar!