Update: Taking it all in stride, Nextbit gave us a little bit of extra information as to the legitimacy of an upcoming red Robin ... saying "there are no mistakes," with a jar of red paint spilled on a black phone.

Original story: During a recent Periscope announcement of its new picture Web Client Beta, the team at Nextbit had what appears to be a red variant of its Robin smartphone easily visible. We've already seen Nextbit do a limited edition version of the phone, and this could be one of those, or it could be something that the company plans to sell as a new option shortly.

It wouldn't be all that surprising to see more colors of the Robin become available, as it is fairly common practice to have multiple options available these days. Keeping in mind that some of the team at Nextbit comes from HTC, it is even less of a surprise that they may experiment with different color choices. Would you rock a red Nextbit Robin, or are the other colors better for you? Let us know in the comments.