New U.S. Huawei ban pulled amid Pentagon disagreement

Huawei with U.S. flag
Huawei with U.S. flag (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The U.S. Commerce Department was set to put new bans on the sale of U.S. technology to Huawei.
  • Pentagon officials reportedly disagreed with the ban, and the Commerce Department has pulled the ruling.
  • A Trump administration Cabinet meeting next week will likely decide the fate of this ban.

Earlier today, we found out that the U.S. Commerce Department had put forth a ruling that would further limit the sale of U.S. technology to Huawei. Now, it turns out, the Commerce Department has pulled the ruling, citing disagreements from within the Pentagon. According to Reuters, Pentagon officials are siding with some U.S. businesses that don't want the government to regulate the sale of U.S. products to Huawei.

These businesses are pushing back against the measure because, they say, it will encourage Huawei to rely even less on the U.S. than it already does. Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has already stated that the company plans to make more changes to reduce American influence over its supply lines and sales, and it appears that the fears of U.S. businesses follow along this same line of thinking. Essentially, further bans from the U.S. government would only hurt U.S. interests and businesses while affecting Huawei very little.

Given the difference in opinion within the Trump administration on how to handle Huawei, there's little telling what will happen to this ruling during the scheduled Cabinet meeting next week. As it stands, next week's meeting is set to cover this very topic and could result in a revised version of the ruling from the U.S. Commerce Department. Many government officials, including prominent Senators and House members, have expressed their displeasure at the lack of control over foreign supply lines, including the inability to properly regulate the sale of U.S. goods to the China.

Huawei is feverishly working to move away from Google's Android and create its own ecosystem based on the open-source version of Android, including Huawei's own software traits. Google has important hooks into Android, including search, the Google Play app store and accompanying ecosystem, and several dozen apps that many Android users rely on daily.

So far, we've seen Huawei launch their own version of Instant Apps, spend millions of dollars to court developers into porting apps to their app store, and have even made significant headway into their own version of Android, called Harmony OS.

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  • I just hope the Huawei ban is lifted we can enjoy mate 30 pro and upcoming p30 pro with google apps built in
  • The Pentagon now disagrees? This is an interesting new development.
  • Yes because it's all the orange shitstain. Nothing more. There has been no proof of anything wrong set forth by any government agency in any country. Only accusations. Until proof, I am siding with huawei. Furthermore trudope better release Meng asap to give Canada some working relationship back with China. **** trump and his pea brain.
  • You can type shitstain but not ****
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  • This ban is funny.....just yesterday CNN printed an article how USA MUST win 5G war because 5G is very important. So it has absolutely nothing to do with Huawei, it's all about 5G
  • It has absolutely everything to do with Huawei and their 5G. The U.S doesn't want countries especially it's allies the 5 eyes using their networks for transferring sensitive info that could be intercepted by Huawei for the Chinese government /military. China has already stolen enough IP from cyber attacks, forced IP tech transfers and from partnerships and knowing companies and governments using their tech champions network you don't think they would try intercepting? You do know how many things will be connecting to 5G future, cutting-edge industries like driverless vehicles and Internet of Things passing thru Huawei's network is a big threat.
  • Proof please. Everything is hearsay from the orange fuckstain’s administration. I.e. not a reliable source. And when the pentagon itself says otherwise, you know the shitgibbon is full of it.
  • Ppl tend to ignore the fact that Huawei will only deliver infrastructure. Those are just motorways for data. How end users will use it is a different matter altogether. If your data is not secured/encrypted/VPNd anyone can get hold of it not only Huawei...