New Philips Soundbar uses Android to stream your content

We're always interested in new ways to use Android in our lives. Recently we've seen washing machines, and home phones bringing Android outside of our smartphones. Philips are taking it a little further and integrating Android into a new Soundbar that uses the OS to stream your content via DLNA. 

The CSS5123 Soundbar is a single speaker, bundled with a companion Subwoofer. The aim is to create a virtual 5.1 surround sound effect with just one speaker. The Android part comes in when the Soundbar uses the programming to connect with any DLNA capable device such as your smartphone, tablet or even your desktop PC using the Philips SimplyShare app. 

The best part is that it doesn't just allow for music streaming to be played direct through the speaker. Via an integrated Smart Media Player, video content can be streamed and played back through your TV. 

Availability is expected in the United States in April, costing $350. 

via Gizmag

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Richard Devine