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What you need to know

  • A new patent has been filed by Sony for a different design of controller.
  • This patent is for features on a controller that could read biometric data from players for gameplay feedback.
  • The PlayStation 5 controller has not been described as having any of these features so far.

More and more Sony patents for possibly controller designs are continuing to appear. This time, a patent filed by Sony details how a controller could measure biometric data from a player's hand, including heart rate. This data could then be used to provide feedback to the game, such as the emotional state of the player, or even whether they like or dislike a character.

You can see some of the diagrams for the controller in the images below.

Sony Patent Controller Biometric DataSony Patent Controller Biometric Data DetailsSource: Sony

While this is interesting, it's important to note that Sony has mentioned nothing of the sort so far when revealing details about the next-generation PlayStation 5 controller. In fact, apart from a small slip-up on a Sony website that was quickly removed, Sony won't even confirm that the controller is called the DualShock 5.

Confirmed details for the PlayStation 5 controller so far include USB-C charging and a better battery life, as well as haptic feedback that can provide better tension in the sticks and triggers. We'll continue to provide updates on any information related to PlayStation 5, which is currently scheduled to launch sometime in Holiday 2020.

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