New Nest Aware pricing announced last fall finally arrives

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What you need to know

  • The new pricing structure announced at the "Made By Google" event in October are rolling out.
  • This means that all of your Nest devices will be covered under a single Nest Aware subscription, but you might lose some third-party app integration if you migrate to the new plan.
  • You'll now have to choose for the whole house whether you want 30-Day or 60-Day access to recordings and whether you need continuous recordings, which now require Nest Aware Plus.

Nest has long had a slight disadvantage compared to its competitors when it comes to its cloud security subscription. While most cost the same whether you had 1 camera or 10, Nest made you pay for Nest Aware for each camera separately. At the Made By Google event last fall, Google announced it was revising this strategy to instead have Nest Aware cover all the devices in your home — because after all, why punish the people who are already paying hundreds of dollars for multiple Nest cameras around their home?

The new plans are easier to follow and more in-line with industry norm, with $6/month Nest Aware and $12/month Nest Aware Plus:

New Nest Aware Plans

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

The biggest changes here are the length of time you can access your recordings — you now have 30 days on Nest Aware or 60 days on Nest Aware Plus — and continuous recording is limited to Plus subscribers. There's also some changes to third-party Nest integration that comes with the upgrade to the new system, so if you don't have that many Nest cameras or you really rely on your IFTTT integrations, you might be better off sticking with your legacy plan for as long as possible.

The new Nest Aware plans are accessible at the Google Store if you want to upgrade. There's also a few new features in Nest Aware that are U.S.-only for now, such as being able to call emergency response services from Nest smart speakers and sound detection for smoke/CO alarms.

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