New List of Cities Getting T-Mobile 3G

We love keeping track of T-Mobile's 3G Rollout for you guys because we sincerely believe that having 3G immensely enhances the user experience. And though we would much rather have T-Mobile roll it out in every big city already, that's just not feasible. So we'll tough it out together. T-Mobile 3G is going to come to everyone (eventually!).

According to the latest leaked report, citizens of New Orleans, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and St Louis, MO will be receiving T-Mobile 3G this quarter. Wow, we weren't aware that such big cities were still without T-Mobile 3G! Hopefully, it'll roll out soon enough because you all definitely deserve it.


  • So when is the end of this quarter that they plan on rolling 3G out? BTW, I'm in Salt Lake City and I need 3G soooooo bad!
  • Just curious, a while back you guys posted that Portland,Maine had gotten some T-Mob 3G. I asked one of the T Mobile reps up here about it and he basically laughed at me. Was the post mistaken, or was this an ill-informed rep?
  • It's called, "Google"
  • Thanks. But I'm still unsure what this "Google" thing is. I'll search Yahoo and see what they say.
  • I was told by the T-Mobile guy in Nashville that we would get 3G in July...It is near the end of the month now and I still haven't seen it.
  • I got 3G about a week ago on my G1 here in Naples, Florida.
  • flip-flopping on edge and 3G right now in wichita.
  • tmobile website now shows wichita as a 3g city now as well.
  • here in jacksonville fl the largest city by landmass in the us and no 3g, i have two (2) G1's and was told 3g was coming q3 or q4. i look at the list and i see no 3g for jax, if i would have known this i would have gone with one of your competitors of which there are three in jax that provide 3g in my area. very dissapointed!
  • Well I'm glad El Paso finally has 3G its been waaaaaay overdue.... it makes me wonder how people can have a G1, or the 3G sidekick or the 3G dash without 3G
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