LG officially announced its newest flagship smartphone, the LG V10, last week. Now the company has posted a new video that focuses on its UX 4.0+ user interface. The video demonstrates how it will offer new and better ways to access apps on the phone, along with improvements in taking pictures and listening to audio.

The video first shows how the second small display on the LG V10 can help users quickly access their most used apps and functions. The second part of the video demonstrates how the photo app can be quickly switched from normal to wide-angle mode for selfies (it even has a talking giraffe).

The third section of the video shows how UX 4.0+ lets users quickly adjust the lighting for both foreground and background objects when using the rear camera so that images come out great even in outdoor low-light conditions. Finally, the clip shows how the LG V10 offers a higher degree of control for its audio features.

While the LG V10 is scheduled to be available from a variety of carriers in the US, no pricing or availability has been revealed yet.

Hands on with the LG V10

Source: LG (YouTube)

LG V10


Newer version: LG V20

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