Is a new Google Voice in the works?

At least that's what Google tells us when we visit the Google Voice website. You'll see it near the top of the page if you direct yourself over to while you're signed into Chrome. If you're a Project Fi subscriber you'll need to click the link at the bottom of the page to get to the actual Google Voice site after it redirects you to the fancy Fi site.

TRY NOW. RIGHT NOW. OK, later then.

Of course, clicking on it doesn't do much. It seems to reload the same page, and sending you back to the Fi site if you're a Fi sub. The URL scheme ( looks like it's the same sort of auto-redirect we've seen with Google+ and the Project Fi site when they weren't public and available for all. This might mean it works, just not for us mere mortals.

We have no idea what to expect from a new Google Voice. This could be just a redesign of the website and might not include any changes to the service, or it could be a true overhaul now that Hangouts is basically an enterprise app in Google's eyes. Or maybe it will go the way of the dodo and join other Google services we all loved in internet-Valhalla.

I'm sure people are trying to see what magic might be done to actually get to the new page, but for now, we only get a teaser that something new is coming, and we should TRY NOW!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Yeah I'm sure I'm not the only GV user waiting to see what happens with the Hangouts refocus
  • I found that when I visit the page below it now shows a Google Voice name but the logo links to a Hangouts support page... huh!?
    Google Voice logo links here:
  • I hope they don't mess it up.
  • I can't wait for the day Google dumps 'Google Domains' and leaves everyone who registered a Domain with them hanging in the breeze.
  • hoping it does get updated.. or at least merged with hangouts.. chat, sms, calling service, voice mail serivce... all in one app would be awesome!
  • I still can't understand why Hangouts isn't Google's standard messaging app. It does everything and it's multi platform, yet they still insist on making all these different apps just for the sake of making them it would seem Haha
  • +1
  • Hangouts seems to handle all GV communications in my iPhone 7+ much more smoothly than the GV app itself.
  • I'm not even sure about which products from Google anymore. In my opinion the safest bet is to stick to the basic Google stuff. Google has a crazy track record of not sticking to projects.
  • Agree, I can't waste my time with some of their meandering wishy-washy apps.
  • Yeah if its still around after 5 years you might get lucky.
  • Ha! Maps, gmail (pc browser version only) and photos are pretty much all I will use faithfully from google. Pretty much everything else I will find an alternate to use on the phone because I don't trust google to keep it around. Aquamail (vs gmail phone app), OneNote (vs Keep), Yaata (vs Messenger/Allo/Hangouts) etc. etc.....
  • I'm not seeing it. I use Hangouts for my GV, so maybe that's it? Or they removed whatever the preview was. Still working up the nerve to toss Verizon and go with Project Fi.
  • Same with me. Just last night I moved my Google voice number to another account to have my main account free so I could bring my real number to project fi but i didn't see any of those.
  • They should integrate Google Voice into the Google Home/Assistant so that the Google Home can play your voicemails!
  • +1
  • And make calls! The mic and speaker on the Google Home are so much better-suited to use as a speakerphone than any actual cell phone.
  • +2
  • This is gonna be a newbie question but what is google voice good for? Every phone has a number already so can someone provide an example of a good use for it
  • It's used to route messages and calls to any device your logged into. I used it when I was overseas so people could call and text my US number and it would still go through.
  • Ditto, this was really helpful back in the day when I had two phones and a tablet. Now hangouts does what I need, hopefully Allo will follow. I would like to see Google develop the crap outta these apps and make them better, with standout features for each. I wouldn't mind if they mixed them all together in one super app, but I think that would be so confusing for people other than millennials, and some Gen Xers. I do this already, by having them all (minus +) for Allo, Hangouts and Duo) by keeping them in the same folder.
  • Having a GV number shifts the transfers power from the carrier to the user. Calls, texts, voicemail, logs are on Google servers and available across any (and multiple) devices. It also eliminates the possibility of losing your number from porting glitches, billing disputes, or service providers going out of business.
  • Plus you can keep your number if you switch carriers without having to go to the trouble of porting numbers. That's nice if you use MVNOs, which don't always have the best track record with porting numbers.
  • Don't forget the ability to have multiple devices ring when you call a GV number! The option to have my office phone AND cell phone ring at the same time is really nice since cell service sucks in my building. Tack on the fact I can make calls through my PC, tablet, etc. Just waiting on Google to get all of this functionality in one app that can sync with my Uconnect!!
  • Also, to have NO devices ring when someone you don't know calls you. For me, if you're not in my Contacts list, my phone doesn't even ring and you go to Voicemail. Also, you can completely block the really annoying ones so they get that three-tone-not-a-valid-number message.
  • I bought an OBi200 and use my Google Voice number as a free "landline" phone throughout my house.
  • Before I had a Grand Central (now Google Voice) number, when the school nurse needed me to come get one of my kids (or whoever else was trying to contact me), she had to call my work, then home, then cell number to reach me. Now she calls my GV number, and all three of the phones ring. Whichever one I'm at, I can answer. And if for some reason I can't get to the phone, she leaves a message and I get an email with the message, and a rough transcription/transliteration of it that I can usually figure out without having to hear the message. At this point I can't even remember what my home (I moved and got a new home number that I never did memorize) and cell numbers are. The only number I give out is my GV number.
  • Plus if a Telemarketer calls the GV number.... BAM... Blacklisted forevahhhhh!
  • It provides a good service for managing side chicks... What? So I'm the only one that does this????
  • You literally don't do that. Blow up dolls can't use phones.
  • Hello, Scott. I didn't know you had already done that research on the blow up dolls for me. +1 for you, You are truly awesome, Bro no matter what they say about you. Thanks.
  • I don't see the TRY NOW message, and going to just gets a Not Found error page. Anyone else?
  • Same here with a strange google logo...
  • And i am sure when there is 404 or 403 error in google, they show that robot saying Thats all we know.
    But it is just empty...
  • It'll probably be Hangouts + Google Voice, I just wish I could get a "mark all read" as I use GVoice as a backup to my main phone. As in, when my main phone isn't working, I can check texts on my backup. But occasionally I'll want to mark all as read on my backup, but I can't.
  • I would love to see Google rebuild/expand GV and include features of Google Assistant with Google Home integration. The messaging capabilities would be phenomenal. I don't use my GV number as much as I would like - likely because my personal # is out there in full force. Currently, is cumbersome to use, at best.... Why not just integrate the capability directly into the current Google Phone app? Why have two different apps for the sole purpose of making calls. An easy configuration item could identify which number to use by default with a button on the dial screen to easily switch to the GV number for outgoing calls. So many ideas... "OK Google - are you listening?"
  • Google spends money and comes up with crap then stops supporting it and move on to something else, im like a old dog I like new things but still like the tried and true things that WORK every time you use them!
  • I use GV for free voicemail text translation (Verizon charges for it). Works great. Hope it isn't affected by the change.
  • Well, guess it's gone now... not seeing it and the URL above is broken.
  • I couldn't wait to get Google Voice when it became available. And now, I depend on it. It's my GV # that goes to creditors, contractors, anyone I do business with or social acquaintances. My cell # goes to family and close friends only. I love having that separation. And the options to manage my calls are terrific. However, I've been very disappointed with Google's stewardship of this app since they bought it from Grand Central, and their radio silence regarding their intentions. If an update is in the works, it is long overdue, but just the same, the news is welcome (as long as Google doesn't remove features or find some other way to mess with it). This is an app I would pay for, if that's what it would take to keep it viable.
  • You know what's weird? I was adding my work number to my Google contact (of myself) on my Pixel and noticed that my GV number was listed as a GrandCentral number. I definitely never called it that in Google Contacts, because I didn't start using the service until it was Google Voice. Could that possibly mean anything?
  • Unfortunately I think that's just holdover from old code, back when it was Grand Central.